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Have a good time alone. Give a job to a boring time when the owner can't play.

It is a set of 3 colors of pink, blue and yellow.


Macaron Gazzy 3P

SKU: 4955629700182
  • [How to play] Put a hood or snack inside and play. If you add while pressing both ends, the mouth will open and the contents will come out. For pet dogs that are difficult to remove, we recommend that you first put it in your mouth and give it so that it can be easily removed. If you don't get it for a long time, your dog will get bored. The point is to teach you what you can get.

    You can use it as tableware to change your mindset. Recommended for pet dogs who eat fast.

    [Precautions for use] Be careful of accidental ingestion. Please choose the size that suits your dog's mouth size. Please use it after confirming that the product is not cracked, cracked or chipped. If you see them during use, discontinue use immediately. Also, consult a veterinarian immediately if you swallow fragments.

    [Material] Natural rubber (standard Malaysian rubber)

    [Country of origin] Malaysia

    [Size] D60 x W60 x H142 (mm)

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