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HUG ANIMALS! Notice of store opening

It has been decided to hold the event at Ebina Sports Park on Sunday, May 15th.
The scale will be reduced and it will be held at the same time as "Ebina SDGs Marche".

We will be the first foster parent event to open. I hope that my little life will connect with my new family!

We look forward to seeing you there!


We will exhibit Interpet 2022 !

Business Day Thursday, March 31

General visitors April 1st (Friday) -April 3rd (Sunday)

We will exhibit new spring products. We look forward to your visit of everyone.

Trust Me Rope was featured in the October issue of Inu no Kimochi .
Please try chucking when you visit the bookstore ♪

          The cover is here →






Monthly cats and newspapers have been interviewed and featured MeGA Jarashi!

Development secret stories and staff cats are also posted.







NEKO MERO series is on sale in anan No.2254 !

There are a lot of good-looking cat special features that are as good as the good-looking guys on the cover.

Please purchase at bookstores for eye candy and healing!

  The cover is here →




The Trust Me series is being published in the July issue of Wan !

Narumi sensei's training method is also listed!

There is a lot of content to overcome the heat of this summer.

If you are worried about how to spend this summer, please buy it at a bookstore!

The cover is here


New product Nekomero & New product Trust Me Rope PRO & Tough is now on sale.

Please check it out at stores and mail orders!

New product Nekomero
& New product Trust Me Rope PRO & Tough Finally released at the end of April!

Surprisingly long "MeGA Jarashi" , communication toy "Nekohana" between owner and cat mixed with Japanese paper, cat chap "CAT CHAP" made of 100% natural material, recommended for active dog breeds "Trust Me" Roptafu ” , PRO“ Trust Me Rope PRO ”recommended by professionals using shirring fabric


Interpet 2021 Thank you for visiting us!

It was a great success with many customers and cute pets visiting.

We will continue to introduce products that you are interested in so that you can stop by!



We will exhibit Interpet 2021 !

Business Day April 1st (Thursday) -April 4th (Sunday)

General visitors April 2nd (Friday) -April 4th (Sunday)

We will exhibit many new spring products. We look forward to your visit of everyone.


"Guzzy CHeW" , "MEROMERO CHEW" , "Guzzy BONE" , "TRUST ME Retrieve" , "Natural Dental Cotton" , "My Bed MS Size", New product appearance!


"TRUST ME" series video has been released!

Click here for the training method by Dr. Narumi.

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